Dmitry S. Frolov

Moscow, Russia

Birth date: 21 Oct. 1990

Marital status: married



Expert Areas

  1. Information retrieval and applications. Data structures, classical approaches, alternative approaches, fuzzy retrieval. Applications to context targeting, user interest extraction, user behaviour prediction, etc.
  2. Implementation of recommender systems, advertisement targeting systems (context, behavioral, RTB, etc.), "CTR-driven" systems. Efficient algorithms, software tools, data storages and DWH, results investigation and continiuos improvement. From software design to results evaluation.



  • Bachelor of Science: Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU), Applied Mathematics and Informatics, 2008 - 2012 
  • Master of Science: National Research University "Higher School of Econimics" (NRU HSE), Software Engineering, 2012 - 2014
  • Ph.D. (Computer Science): National Research University "Higher School of Econimics" (NRU HSE), Department of Computer Science, 2014 - present, speciality 05.13.17 "Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science", Ph.D. thesis theme: "Aggregated Text Representation for Information Retrieval in Collections of Text Documents" 



Russian, English


Employment history

  • Software developer: freelance (Petrozavodsk, Russia), June 2008 - Jan. 2010  
    • C/C++ development, Borland C++ Builder/CodeGear RAD Studio
    • Database administration (BDE, Interbase)
  • Software developer: Petrozavodsk State University, Laboratory of Inf.-Tel. Systems (Petrozavodsk, Russia), Feb. 2010 - May 2012 
    • C++ development for Nokia projects (Maemo, Symbian)
    • Additional duties: olympiad programmer's trainer, member of comission of Russian Mathematical Olympiads
  • Software developer (backend): SlickJump Inc. (Moscow, Russia), Sep. 2012 - Dec. 2014 
    • Natural language processing
    • Probabilistic topic modelling, text classification
    • DB data statistical analysis, data analysis
    • Server-side development, architecture design, design of client-server interaction, 
    • Server deployment, load distributing, database cluster deployment & configuring
    • Design and implementation of SSP system  (Supply / Sell Side platform) for traffic trading (according to RTB RFC) 
  • Lead developer: SlickJump Inc. (Moscow, Russia), Jan. 2015 - Oct. 2015 
    • Implementation & maintenance of Multicriterial Advertizing Platform
    • Billing system implementation
  • Research Fellow: University of London, Birkbeck, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (London, UK), Nov. 2016 - Dec. 2016  
    • Work on research project "Automating the Annotation of Research Papers using the ACM Classification of Computing Subjects"
  • Lead Developer: Natimatica Inc. (Moscow, Russia), Oct. 2015 - Jun. 2017  
    • Content recommender system implementation: design, recommender engine, evaluation system, data storages, statistical analysis
    • Recommender algorithms implementation: semantic, behavioral, popularity-based, item-efficiency, etc.
    • Website content parsers, meaningful texts extraction
    • Recommender widgets design and implementation: classical widget, intext widgets, auto-inserts, event collecting
    • Advertisement engine design implementation: from campaign settings to event processing
    • Statistical analysis and continious results evaluation
  • Team Leader: Natimatica Inc. (Moscow, Russia), Jul. 2017 - present  
    • Dev. team management
  • Instructor/Mentor: National Research University Higher School of Economics,  Faculty of Computer Science (Moscow, Russia), Jan. 2015 - present  
  • Research Assistant: National Research University Higher School of Economics,  International Laboratory of Decision Choice and Analysis (Moscow, Russia), Sep. 2015 - present  


Professional conferences participation

  • 9th FRUCT Conference (Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications, 2011), speaker and poster session participant, presentation theme "Mobile Devices Power Consumption Analysis".
  • PetrSU Scientific Conference, 2011, thesis theme "Mathematical Methods of Mobile Devices Power Consumption Analysis", winner of presentations tour.
  • RuSSIR 2015 (Russia, St.-Petersburg, 24-28 Aug 2015), poster session participant, presentation theme: "Aggregate Text Representation for Information Retrieval in Collections of Text Documents"
  • Summer school of Department of Computer Science (NRU HSE), May 2016 (Russia, Voronovo, Moskovskaya oblast'), poster session participant, presentation theme: "Using Annotated Suffix Trees for Fuzzy Full Text Search: Experiments and Verification"
  • RuSSIR 2016 (Russia, Saratov, 22-26 Aug. 2016), speaker and proceedings author, paper theme "Using Annotated Suffix Trees for Fuzzy Full Text Search"


Professional skills

  • –ěS: Linux/Unix (Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD, etc.), Unix shell (professinal user), MS Windows 
  • Docker, Vagrant
  • Programming languages: Python (both versions (2/3), including Tornado, Flask, WebPy, Scikit-Learn, PyMorphy, NLTK etc.); C, C++; Prolog
  • IDEs: Qt Creator, Carbide C++, Embarcadero RAD Studio; MS Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Mobile development: Symbian OS, Maemo OS
  • Web-development: backend configuring experience (Gunicorn, Nginx, custom-made servers using Python/NodeJS), JavaScript (including jQuery, Ajax, BackBone), HTML/CSS, PHP, CoffeeScript
  • Mathematical software: Maxima, Statistica, SPSS, MatLab, Mathcad
  • Automated verification tools: PVS and other SAT-solvers
  • Databases: MongoDB (DB clusters deployment, sharding, replication, MapReduce, statistical data processing); CouchBase; MySQL; custom-made DBs using file systems and NFS/rsync/sgrep
  • git, subversion
  • Strong skills of algorithm optimizing (complexity analysis, time/memory profiling, etc)
  • Strong skills in development of special algorithms for data analysis, machine learning
  • Strong skills in Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis, Memcached, Apache Spark etc. usage
  • Learning in progress: Scala, Aerospike, Kafka


Honors and awards

  • 2012 - PetrSU Scientific Research Conference, 1st degree diploma.
  • 2012 - International Olympiad for students and graduates, National Research University 'Higher School of Economics", profile "System and programming engineering", winner

Personal Details

Driving Licence (B category)

Interests and activities

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